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Learn about Parkinson's Disease in your Community

The Chicago Movement Coalition

Making Moves for Parkinson's



The Chicago Movement Coalition (CMC) is an alliance of community and academic partners that was established in 2019 to be a resource and advocate for members of the Chicagoland community who are underrepresented in the area of Parkinson’s disease care.  The coalition is made up of CMC leaders who are community leaders and healthcare providers, individuals with Parkinson’s disease, and their caregivers. These CMC Leaders represent the perspectives and priorities of their diverse communities in the North and Southwest sides of Chicago. 

The main goal of the CMC is to empower community members by developing and sustaining educational initiatives about Parkinson’s disease care and research opportunities. The CMC is generously funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Parkinson’s Foundation​.

 How to Learn More 

Learn about Research 

Find a Movement Disorder Specialist

View the list of Chicago-area Neurologists who are specifically trained in Parkinson's disease. These specialists are available all over Chicago. 

Explore Online Resources

Read our information about the basics of Parkinson's Disease. 

Use our links to explore the websites of reputable organizations in Parkinson's disease, including the Parkinson's Foundation and Michael J Fox Foundation.

Find and Attend a Local Event

Find an educational event, exercise program, or other local event for Parkinson's disease.

View the calendar of CMC events in Chicago neighborhoods.

Read our introduction to research for Parkinson's disease. Explore opportunities to get involved with research.

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